Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 26

This past week has been great, filled with tiny miracles! This week we had a family home evening with members of the church along with a mom and her daughter. Their names are Gleni and Nicole. They’ve been attending church for the past month and a half; we had a little lesson with them on Repentance and Baptism. We invited them to baptism and they accepted for the 25th February. Another miracle is this past week on Sunday we had another activity with our zone to contact and plant seeds in each of our contacts. It was a little harder in this area. My companion and I and another companionship had an idea to swap companions for one last contact. It was funny because it ended up being myself and another missionary from the states, so neither of us are fluent in the language. This particular missionary is still in his training, so I felt some weight on my shoulders. We both felt that we needed to Contact a couple that was sitting right in front of us. One of the coolest experiences ever, the first few moments with them they didn’t want anything to do with us they were catholic. I don’t remember how we were able to have a fifteen to twenty minute conversation with them. Basically we went from zero lesson to sharing a little of lesson one. They were anxious to hear more so we left with them the restoration! Clearly the Holy Ghost played a big role; I couldn't believe that I understood everything they said to me! Honestly I am so grateful to have had that experience. I love this gospel with all my heart!

Week 25

So this week has been a great week, my companion is great. I am learning a lot from him each day, new attributes to learn and grow from. Honestly so grateful for having him as a companion. We have been working hard but I feel not to our potential. Though it’s only been a week so far in this transfer there’s not a lot a time in between each transfer for this work. I am starting to realize how time is so precious in these moments. This week has been a great week; one of the little miracles we experienced was during a zone activity. We had the opportunity to do an activity where we contact whomever at a big park. The objective is to bring them to a table where there is a missionary companionship that gives out a Book of Mormon or a folleto of what we teach to investigators. We almost got up to 100 people that we talked too and brought several to receive a folleto or a Book of Mormon. To me it was a huge blessing and I’m so grateful to have been part of this activity, Planting a seed in a person’s heart is the best. It gives an opportunity for someone in the future to be an instrument of God’s hands. I am so grateful for this work and that I get to live it each and every day!!

Week 24

So this week we had another great week. Learning from our investigators, and seeking to be better missionaries each day.  I am learning how to strengthen myself more and more during studying time, or whenever we have spare time. I am starting to like studying, which is a little strange for me.

So this week has been sweet, I am really sad that I had to say goodbye to my companion today because of transfers and because he finished his mission. He honestly taught me a lot and has a strong testimony of this gospel and to better my listening skills. Something I appreciate from him is that he really helped me with listening.

This past week has been a great last week before transfers. A cool thing happened this past Sunday I didn´t notice but there was an older couple who was from the states who attended our ward. They didn´t know any Spanish. Brother and sister Hummel were just visiting because brother Hummel was touring Peru where his close friend had served. He happened to have served in the ward my companion and I are in.  The coolest part was that I had the opportunity to help translate with my companion during second and third hour of church. I really didn´t think I could translate at all until I just listened and started talking! It’s amazing how god knows our needs and is there to help us; all we have to do is ask.

Week 23

So this past week my companion and I were walking back from Stake Conference on Saturday night and in the middle of the intersection was a broken down taxi car with a man needing help to move his car out of the busy traffic around him. So my companion and I went to help (when it was safe to go across) we pushed his car to a safer part a few blocks down. The reaction that he had was a surprised one and when he tried re-paying us we told him no, instead we gave him something more valuable, It was a card of Jesus Christ and a spiritual thought about his atonement for all the people including him. I am so grateful to serve and to have these opportunities to find ways to serve. It is such a blessing to have the gospel in our lives.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 22

So this week I had the opportunity to baptize a little boy whose name is Harold. Honestly made my day, I’m so grateful to have met him. He has an awesome testimony for just being 12 years old. It’s amazing how much gratitude he has and how much desire he has to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. Right after baptizing him, I’ll never forget this moment, when he gave me a big hug and said "thank you" it made me tear up a little. But knowing that he knows this is the true church and knows it’s important to be baptized at his age is amazing. I love this gospel so much and have a testimony of how much this church is true!

Harold's Baptism

His Birthday Celebration

Their 21 days of Christmas with his companion

Week 21

It has been a crazy two weeks. Being sick for a few days doesn´t help much but now I am feeling excellent. A lot of good things have happened this week, we had the opportunity to spread the word and the importance of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. It really makes me think more about him and how he is the gift, not just of the world, but for the world. Its amazing how we are loved from our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. One of the coolest experiences that happened this week was this past thursday. My companion and I were just walking down the street and we randomly had an impression to go and talk with the first person we saw on the street. A few seconds later a man entered the same street we were on and we just went straight to him. Usually while contacting its a little hard with a lot of people not interested in hearing our message. But with Hermano Corazco it was not, It was the complete opposite. We had the opportunity to share a scripture about Jesus Christ and how he is who we need to remember this Christmas. In just 30 minutes we grew so much love for the man,and so did he. He asked how we can teach him more about our church. I am growing so much love for this gospel and the people here. This work is hard but at the same time God makes up the difference.

Week 20

This is Christians Mom,

No e-mail today since they had a Christmas party on their Preparation day. I did receive and early Christmas present. I was worried that I had not received my weekly e-mail, I began to panic. How was I going to know when we were to Skype on Christmas? While at work, I went into the staff workroom to send out a quick message to the other missionary moms. A minute after I hit send I received a call from an unknown number. I hesitated to answer, one, I was at work and two, I don't usually answer calls from numbers I have no idea who they belong too. I went ahead and answered the call, I said "hello" the voice on the other end said "Mom", I said "Ethan", No Mom its "Christian". I may have squealed just a little. He only had 5 minutes to talk, but it was to finalize our Skype time. He quickly told me about his day and the Christmas party they had. He asked about the family and how everyone was doing, he managed to slip in "how are the raiders doing" in the conversation (haha). His love for sports hasn't changed. He is doing well!