Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 17

This week was sweet, a lot of new experiences each and every day with different people. Being yelled at because they don´t want a card of our church is kind of normal now or being rejected in general. I’m trying to not get too frustrated at myself when others don’t want to receive a card of Jesus Christ. I am learning that I need to be more affective in this missionary life, because time flies. This week we had a lesson with an investigator who kind of knows about our church, her husband was a member. He isn´t very active (we will work on that as well). Anyways, little did we know she would have a bunch of questions about our church. We found out what she needed all in 30 minutes. The funniest part was when we first met her she would always say she didn´t have time and only Sunday nights were good to visit. After one lesson with her she opened up and said that any day of the week in the afternoons we could come visit. It’s amazing how God works on people when they have a sincere heart and want to change the direction of their life.  In the end its in God’s hands, everything will work out for the investigators and the missionaries and I know that to be true. I love this gospel so much, this gospel can bring so much light into our lives if we just open up to him

Week 16

Well this past week has been another great week!  My favorite phrase in Spanish is Poco a poco (little by little) One of the best phrases I have heard while in the mission field.

So this week went by super quick just like every other week, many progressing investigators as well. So just this past Monday we had the opportunity to teach Hermana Tina. This was our second time meeting with her; the first time was as a contact and lesson all in one day. She knows our church well; one of her sons is a member of the LDS church. Anyways, we talked a lot about why there are so many churches and explained/taught the restoration to her. Little by little I think she really wants to attend our church. One thing I have learned during a lesson is that its ok to pause and think about what you want to ask your investigator, I remember just asking her a simple question of how do you feel about your current  church you attend. At first she said its good until I think my companion and I gave her a weird look (not that it was bad or anything.) and then she started expressing how the priest there asked her to be baptized, she said she doesn´t feel ready for that church, there has to be more. She went on to say how when she prays to God, she doesn´t feel that God answers her prayers.

I then had the opportunity to bare my testimony about how important it is to always pray often with a sincere heart. I explained how God won´t always answer your prayers right away (something I am still learning). I then invited her to be baptized and she said yes, one of the promises I told her is that when you pray about our message and about the book of Mormon, that you will receive an answer. I couldn´t believe that I told her that, like words just came out of my mouth. I can testify that the Holy Ghost was helping me reach out to her with faith.