Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 60

Bueno esta semana había muchas bendiciones que mí compañero y yo vimos! Realmente sabemos que nuestro padre celestial nos guía y que tenemos este propósito en esta vida. Esta semana mi compañero y yo recibimos una referencia y lo que Pasó fue que le llamamos a la referencia y nos dijo que tuviera tiempo en las mañanas a las 6 y media para escuchar nuestro mensaje. entonces mi compañero y yo fuimos a su casa a las 6 y media en la mañana y tuvimos una lección con ella y fue muy receptiva y nos dijo que quiera escuchar mas de nuestro mensaje! Nos dijo que quisiera conocer la iglesia verdadera! Ahora hay una diferencia de saber y conocer, saber es por conocimiento y la otra la palabra conocer tiene mas deseos con mas acción! Pues después de esta charla ella asistió la capilla y ahora tiene fecha para bautizarse! 

Recibimos muchas bendiciones aun que no eran tan grandes, pero pequeño o grande una bendición es una bendición que viene de dios. El dia domingo que pasó tuvimos nuestro dia de ayuno y testimonios! Y fue tan poderoso! Los miembros realmente tienen el testimonio mas fuerte! Sentí el espiritu tan fuerte el domingo pasado! Habia un hermano que hablaba mucho del Libro de Mormón y que debemos leer el libro cada día para aúmentar nuestro conocimiento y Fe. Cuando hacemos las cosas pequeñas, Recibimos amor, felizidad, respuestas! Testifico eso y sé que estas cosas son verdaderas!

Well this week had many blessings that my partner and I saw! We do know that our Heavenly Father guides us and we have this purpose in this life. This week my partner and I received a referral and what happened was that we call reference and told us he had time in the morning at 6 and a half to hear our message. then my partner and I went home at half past 6 in the morning and had a lesson with her and was very receptive and said we want to hear more of our message! He told us he wanted to know the true church! Now there is a difference to know and learn, you know is knowledge and the other the word know has more desires with more action! For after this talk she attended the chapel and now has a date to be baptized!

We receive many blessings even they were not that big, but small or large a blessing is a blessing from God. On Sunday we happened had our day of fasting and testimonies! And it was so powerful! Members really have the strongest testimony! I felt the spirit so strong on Sunday! He had a brother who spoke much of the Book of Mormon and that we should read the book every day to increase our knowledge and faith. When we do the little things, receive love, felicity, answers! I testify that and I know these things are true!

Week 59

So this week my district and I had put together small goals for the week to see if we can see if there is improvement with finding new people and if we have the chance we would invite them to baptism. Now its not for numbers but we have seen improvement and finding people that are receptive and that will like to attend church! Its a great blessing to see that because We want to see that every week as a district! Our goal is to keep good energy and finish the transfers strong as a group, so that by next transfer there will be fluent baptisms! I love this work and know that it comes from God! Everyday we see blessing we just have to make them happen. We are like a tree of the light. Our Leafs are our attributes that God gives us. Every time one leaf grows it means we are bettering our attributes and little by little we become as strong as we can be just like the tree.

I am starting to like contacting a lot, It always brings happiness and interesting conversations about what we believe, Sometimes contacts can be funny depending on the person. I really love it because we get to testify and invite part of our objective and what we do. 

We had the chance to contact on the way to our appointment with an investigator and it was just like another conversation with someone but the difference was my companion and I felt the need to contact him and now we have an appointment with him and his family!

Week 58

So this week was a slow start, luckily I only had a sprained ankle. After my appointment we had a great week. We had the opportunity to hear from Elder Oaks from the 12 apostles! it was a powerful experience that's for sure! He talked about the importance of conversion and how us teachers need to teach to convert them to the gospel of Jesus Christ not just the church and the activities. That stuff comes last! But I loved the way he explained it because as members,converts and investigators we sometimes just look for the things like activities or the friend we have through church but really all that matters is this gospel and renewing our covenants with God!

We had a great experience this past Sunday we were in the same situation with one of our investigators named Maria who is 25 who loves the word of God but isn't taking it serious, she likes to joke around with her sisters and have fun. We end up teaching her after church without her family and it was amazing and we put a baptismal date because she could actually concentrate and feel what we were trying to say! We always need the Holy Ghost!

Week 57

This week we have seen a difference with many blessings, My companion and I have been making specific goals on ways we can improve and find more people to teach this important gospel. This past Thursday we had been contacting in specific streets and we didn't have success until the very end. When we were entering a members house my companion and I saw a lady we with her baby boy and I felt the impression to contact her, and so we did. She told us that she had attended the church of Jesus Christ before and loved it but never received the missionaries. It was a spiritual experience because we had the opportunity to explain the importance of living with our families for eternity. This topic is my favorite because it always brings me that comfort to know that we can live with our father in heaven with our families through doing ordinances and following his commandments. 

Another great experience was when we had a lesson with Alondra, one of our investigators. She had attended the church before but had left because she starting doubting not realizing what was important in life. I came to know during the lesson of our desires, not just hers, but for all of us. Why do we sometimes put the world first and not God? We had a great lesson about Faith, Repentance, and Baptism, the first steps to coming unto Christ. We had invited Alondra to church again and this past Sunday she came. I can see the importance of making specific goals. It really does make a difference.

week 56

This week we planned to visit the less actives that also have family members who are not members of the church. It went well actually, we had the opportunity to find a sister who is a little lost in her faith and wants to know why there are a lot of churches in the world. It was a great lesson and we invited Melanie to baptism and accepted. it was a great experience because seeing people accept a date to baptism is one step to Christ. 

Another blessing that happened this week was that this past Sunday we had two people who attended church that were invited by friends in the ward. It was crazy because even the family that invited them didn´t think they would have came. Overall It was great because in sacrament meeting we had members talk on the importance of the light of Christ and the importance of being examples to our family and others, and the importance of repentance and how we all need to repent everyday. Those talks were so powerful that I know it had an impact. We had the chance to talk to the couple that came and it was a blessing because they want to know more and want to find the right path.

I loved this past sacrament meeting, we definitely need to find the light of Christ even if we are in dark areas there is always the light at the end. Being examples to others knowing what we stand for, I know that through repentance we can be clean. Something I love about repentance is that its not punishment, its an endless gift from God!

Week 55

So this week has been a great and crazy week. Definitely a different side of things in a new area with a new zone, and new ward. But  I love it. We had a great week starting off with visiting the members of the ward. Definitely was awesome because they were just so receptive and humble and I can't wait to see how it goes in this ward. After meeting with some of the members my companion and I have been working with a family who are investigating the church. Darwin and Pracila are a couple who need to get married, and they are a great couple we had a great lesson with them about the importance of marriage and about faith and how we can live with our families eternally. Definitely love this family and hope that we can help them reach to their goal. 

Another great blessing this week, we taught a 16 year old who was a reference from a friend. We taught him the importance of praying, reading the scriptures, and attending church. We invited him and told his friend that is a member to pick him up. It was crazy because on Sunday Kevin was ready before the member and was waiting for him at the front door! Its crazy to think that a little invitation can become a big blessing!!

Week 54

Well This transfer is coming to a close! I can´t believe 9 weeks have past and now having a new start will be a new adventure. We had a great week as a zone we ended off doing a big breakfast as a zone and it was the best. My district and I had the chance to prepare the food which was a clásico arroz, huevos, queso, tortilla,cebollas, y avena!! Were definitely are a family.

This past week we had a great lesson with the family Iparaguirre this week, they have been growing little by little and its a huge blessing. One thing my companion and I did was stick a paper above there TV and at their front door that says pray, read and attend church! So that they wont forget the little things in their life. 
The reason why we did that is because the week before they were very busy and they put there life first before God. When they did that they weren't so happy or they felt like they were missing something, So this week when we put the challenges up each visit we made they had done their part and there emotions were happy again! I can testify if we put God first and do the little things we will fell 100 percent better 10 out of 10 times!