Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 33

Well this week has been another great week full of many blessings and miracles. This week has been a rough. We have been without water to shower due to the floods, I am grateful that I am not in the area that has been impacted the most. It’s definitely a blessing that each stake is helping and serving them! We are hoping to have an opportunity to serve and help with clean up in the coming weeks. This week has been another blessing we changed one of our investigators baptismal date to the 4th of April! It’s so amazing to see how much he is progressing and how he is showing the love that he has for the Lord! This week I went on splits with another missionary so that we could help each other out and see how we can better our work. One of the many blessings here came when we were contacting a mom and her daughter. It just so happens that she has been waiting for missionaries to come and visit her. So this week we plan on stopping by to have a lesson with her and her daughter. Another blessing has been working with members of the church! I love how the ward is like one big family, working together trying to focus on the needs of investigators, helping everyone’s progression and gaining a testimony!

Week 32

This week has been another great week full of many blessings. This week my companion and I had the opportunity to teach Julio and Pilar. The best part, we invited them to baptism and they accepted. It brings me joy that they have the desire to come unto Christ and having a desire to change. Julio has been consistently attending seminary, this brought me such joy! It builds my testimony that anything is possible when we continue to invite. I am so grateful for this opportunity to teach him, he isn’t just going through the motions and listening, he has prepared questions before each lesson and I love it. Pilar is another miracle, she has a great desire of how to receive answers after praying.  Pilar has been focusing on her faith instead of focusing on the proof and wanting to see proof!! I love this gospel with all my heart and I am so grateful for it!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 31

Well this week was my first week as a district leader. I had my training and I learned something that I felt was very specific for me. I wanted to take that and act upon it. It is to Serve, to serve my district, help and learn from all the companionships, we are united. I am very grateful for this opportunity so I can learn and grow. This week has been another great week. We had the opportunity to teach a younger kid who is 17 years old who is very intelligent and knows the bible very well. We’ve had three lessons with him, and when we are done we  leave him with homework, to pray, read, and attend church.  We have been working with him on faith and to act upon and to know for himself.  What’s crazy is that now he is attending seminary, church, and reading his scriptures. Julio has desire and I am so proud of him for acting and building upon his faith.

Week 30

Well this week has been another great week full of many miracles and learning experiences! This past week my companion and I had the opportunity to find more investigators in an area that doesn´t have many. What made this a blessing was that 6 investigators attended church this past Sunday and an inactive that we found in the park one day about two months ago. That was a miracle as well.  I remembered when he yelled "Elders", he told us he was a member and wanted to say hello. We invited him to church. We didn’t know that he was inactive or even a member, but all we did was invite him.  We asked if we could visit one day, he said "I don’t want to do anything with the church, this is where I draw my line". This past Sunday HE came to church for three hours! No clue what made him come to church but it brought great Peace, Joy, and Love in the heart of my companion and I.  I can testify that blessings come when keep inviting and inviting and one day someone will come.