Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 31

Well this week was my first week as a district leader. I had my training and I learned something that I felt was very specific for me. I wanted to take that and act upon it. It is to Serve, to serve my district, help and learn from all the companionships, we are united. I am very grateful for this opportunity so I can learn and grow. This week has been another great week. We had the opportunity to teach a younger kid who is 17 years old who is very intelligent and knows the bible very well. We’ve had three lessons with him, and when we are done we  leave him with homework, to pray, read, and attend church.  We have been working with him on faith and to act upon and to know for himself.  What’s crazy is that now he is attending seminary, church, and reading his scriptures. Julio has desire and I am so proud of him for acting and building upon his faith.

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