Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 13

Hola buenas tardes,

So this past week was sweet, and stressful. This week was my first week with a new companion. Not just new but, my first companion who can only speak Spanish. To really look back on this week it was definitely a roller coaster. Emotions were all over the place, some were positive and negative, confident and doubtful. To look back on the week I could definitely look at the negative but obviously positive is the Light of Christ so I knew what path I wanted to take. I learned that Missionary work is hard, that not every day is going to be all sunshine and positive outcomes. We read in Mosiah 4:27 ¨For it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength...¨ And I know that scripture to be true, We can easily overwhelm ourselves and give ourselves a lot of stress when we are trying to run faster than we have strength. I felt like I have been doing that a little too much these past few months, and come to realize that it’s not my time.

The coolest part this week for me was that my companion and I had to start rebuilding again and find investigators. It was unique because when I got to the field, I walked into an already scheduled baptism and finished lessons. This time together we started fresh and honestly it’s the most satisfying feeling when you know someone wants to hear a message about Jesus Christ. We found eight new investigators this week who are interested. My companion and I got to ask two people (different families) to baptism and out of the two one said yes! I am hoping and praying that we can have this opportunity to baptize our new investigator on the 26 of November.

I honestly love this work and look forward to the next day to teach the people.

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