Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 11

Week 11

I can´t believe my fifth week of training has ended, time really does fly. This week was awesome, stressful, and very humbling.  This week was my first time leading an area, and after this week I actually really like leading. I never thought that I could be a people’s person, but learning from my companion I can speak more Spanish and be more open. It´s crazy how the Lord works through us!  I’ve noticed that my listening skills are not that great, it is one of my goals to accomplish during my training.

So this week I have one story that I want to share, it’s about contacting.  Before contacting on Saturday I wasn´t always comfortable, still shy, but on Saturday I felt like my companion and I needed to contact in a specific area. In an hour and a half we contacted sixteen people. Out of those sixteen people only two wanted to hear our message. How we found those contacts were from our thirteen, fourteen, and fifteenth contacts, we were impressed 4 references, that never happens! Anyways we started with a boy who was thirteen and we asked him, and he told us that a women and her family who would like to hear our message. So my companion and I go to this reference and talk to her, but she wasn´t interested either, so after we asked for another reference, she pointed to an apartment and gave us a specific room. We go to this man´s house and talked with him for a bit and he wasn´t interested in our message either.  So we ask for one more reference and he pointed just across the hall to a specific room. At this point we just wanted to find someone who could hear our message. We end up going to this last reference after so many tries, we started talking with them, and this family recognized who we were and what we do. The sister of the family knew that we were Mormons; she said that she is really interested in the church, and she also said that she had been reading The Book of Mormon online, but doesn´t have time to read a lot. She really wanted a copy of The Book of Mormon, so we gave her a book and asked if we could come again and teach them, and they said yes!!! Honestly a true blessing that we found this family and a huge miracle for my companion and I.  I can testify that this work is true and if we just have faith and work hard, Heavenly Father will bless us and help us as we search and find people who want the gospel in their lives. I know that when we have faith and follow Heavenly Fathers plan all will fall into place.

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