Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 10

Week 10

 This week has been another week filled with many blessings. We were able to have more lessons with our progressing investigators and helped prepare for two baptisms. I honestly am so grateful to be part of such amazing people’s lives, to help make this happen and to be able to have the power and authority of god to baptize investigators. We also had a rescue this week which was awesome, Hermano Leoncio has been inactive for more than a year, and being able to teach him and bring him back to the fullness of the gospel is amazing.

  I have also noticed our ward has been progressing a lot these past few weeks. At the beginning it was pretty hard because they were not as active, didn´t have much service or activities with the youth. Now our ward has been participating in Family Home Evening, going to English class at the church, coming to baptisms, and just being more helpful with us. I am so grateful to be part of this ward, though we are still working to be active together, I know that we are becoming one great big family.

I had my First day of leading the area on Friday and I will admit it’s really hard to learn your area. Luckily I had my companion and the Holy Ghost by my side to help. I am really learning to just trust in the lord and just work. It’s crazy how so many people recognize the missionaries. I had this feeling that my companion and I needed to go down another block so we could contact, or share a message. Once we went down the road we were stopped by a homeless man, who was just looking for missionaries for some reason, sadly I didn’t understand his reason. We ended up giving him a card of Jesus Christ shared a small message with him to come unto Christ and you will be at peace. I have never seen a man so emotional and happy to hear our message like this before. I am so grateful that we can make people feel joy when we share messages with them; I know it to be true because we have the Holy Ghost and only the Holy Ghost can reach other people and their hearts.   

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