Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 9

Week 9

This week was filled with many miracles, learning experiences, and some hard ships. Our hard ships were not finding more investigators or our investigators failing to follow through. I notice that I got really down when that happened this week; I did not let that bring me down, I just looked at the positives on who we did teach whether it was with members, Investigators, less actives or even contacting new people. My Spanish might not be the best but I do feel the comfort when I teach or when my companion helps me out with a word or phrase. It’s the little miracles that surprise me.

So this week when we were walking to our next appointment we ran into a drunken person on the side walk. The Crazy thing was that he called for our names, and he bore his testimony to us, he told us his story how his son is going on a mission and how he is a member of the church and knows this church is true. What made me question was why was he drinking, why does Satan have to do that to Gods children, and why do we go through hard ships. We couldn´t do much because he wasn´t in our area and that’s what made me sad but we did give him a card to contact the church. The reason I share this story because during conference those questions in my mind were answered. My favorite talk was all of them (jaja) but If I had to choose one it would be Russell M. Nelson. What can help us become spiritually stronger? He emphasized Joy in this talk so much. My favorite part of the talk was when he said ¨Saints can be happy and feel joy every day, even if it’s a bad one. Joy comes and is the definition of God, Learn to suffer with Joy¨. I learned so much this conference and realized how much I could get out of each conference as a missionary. I am so grateful for prophets today on this earth and love this gospel more and more each day.
Ok and now onto the positive, we will be have 2 baptisms this week, their names are Victor and Jerico, I am so excited for them because I know that they are taking One HUGE step towards Heavenly Fath

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