Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 8

This week has been a great week, Full of learning and growing experiences. I have noticed that I need to learn more patience and just forget myself and get to work. Now this week has definitely been a better week, I got to talk more while teaching lessons and do more contacts, although I am still a little shy I’ve  noticed I’m getting way better. This past week has been filled with a bunch of blessings. One of them is about two young boys that we taught this week. Their names are Alexander who is 8 and Jerico who is 9, I love these two kids. Their grandparents and siblings are strong in the church, the mom has been a little less active and the dad is not a member.  We were asked to give them lessons from the mom so they can become members of the church.  It’s amazing that we were given the opportunity to teach them. My companion has taught them a few times before, but these last two visits have been amazing teaching them about faith, prayer, and baptism. You can see the joy in these boys’ eyes and I just felt the spirit so strong. We asked them to baptism and had to have their Father sign a paper that it was ok for them to be baptized.  Alexander was baptized this past weekend and Jerico will be baptized next week after General Conference. I love this gospel so much and I love the people of Peru. Although my Spanish is not fluent I have seen a lot of progress these past few weeks.

As for where I live, it’s in a very poor area of Peru, high crime rates, very dirty, a lot of markets, and street food which we can’t have (but it’s smart, I could get sick). We have a pinchanist who cooks for us lunch and dinner, I don’t know how to spell it but hope you know what I mean. My living isn’t too bad, I at least have a bed and running water, most people that we teach here have one or the other or none at all, it’s very sad mom. My English classes I teach are great, I learn a lot of Spanish this way because my classmates help me (haha) but I Love them they are funny and great. Our last service we did was clean the whole church building, just me and my companion, but our building is super small.

Please tell everyone I said hello, and that I love them.

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