Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 25

So this week has been a great week, my companion is great. I am learning a lot from him each day, new attributes to learn and grow from. Honestly so grateful for having him as a companion. We have been working hard but I feel not to our potential. Though it’s only been a week so far in this transfer there’s not a lot a time in between each transfer for this work. I am starting to realize how time is so precious in these moments. This week has been a great week; one of the little miracles we experienced was during a zone activity. We had the opportunity to do an activity where we contact whomever at a big park. The objective is to bring them to a table where there is a missionary companionship that gives out a Book of Mormon or a folleto of what we teach to investigators. We almost got up to 100 people that we talked too and brought several to receive a folleto or a Book of Mormon. To me it was a huge blessing and I’m so grateful to have been part of this activity, Planting a seed in a person’s heart is the best. It gives an opportunity for someone in the future to be an instrument of God’s hands. I am so grateful for this work and that I get to live it each and every day!!

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