Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 47

This week has been another great week full of many blessings in our life. I am so grateful for the mission, so grateful!! One, we constantly are working to become better and two we are wanting each Ward to be at there potential. It has seriously been a blessing getting to know the Ward a Little bit more. Sometimes we feel that we aren't as close as we should be with the members. My companion and I decided to do something different, we are going to pass by a members houses each day and share a spiritual thought and we are going to try and do a family home evening each Monday with members and non members. I love this work so much, my companion and I had the opportunity to do a service Project at a converts house and man I can now say I think I am a pro painter (jaja)!!

But anyways a huge  miracle this week is that my companion and I were just contacting looking for a few directions to a few investigators homes and when we would ask someone for a direction we would end up having a small lesson!! crazy right. We ended up finding 3 people who wanted to hear more about the church. When we finally found the direction to our investigators house we had 2 more people who participated in the discussion!! Definitely made my night and my companions.

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