Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 46

Well first off this week has been a blast. Having transfers has really helped a ton and Its honestly been a great week. Starting off fresh with Elder Viloria. We first started off by cleaning up the area and starting all over again. This week has been more than anything talking with all (literally). My companion and I have been contacting people door to door or that are on the street. We have found a few who gave interest but we are definatley going to put more into ways we can be more diligent and be more patient with ourselves in this work. Thinking about the question how could we give a little bit more in our lives and ministry is something that I think we should all think about. To me as a missionary I am on a timer or stop watch. Its the same if we aren´t missionaries. God gave us this life to fulfill what he has given us to do. We have a plan to complete and thats to share this gospel to all and to recieve the ordinances of being baptized and recieving the holy ghost with the correct priesthood authority. I think in my life I need to work on the basics of the Christ like attributes by putting him in the center of my life. Starting with faith and hope in him. In moroni 7:32-33 He promises us that he will show us the way according to our faith and that we will have the holy ghost to accompany us. If we have faith and hope he promised us that we will have power to do whatever be convenient. I want to give a little more effort into that so that I can always feel happy and not down and so I can fulfill his promise. 

Tuvimos un milagro esta semana a la domingo pasado cuando fuimos de la casa de un converso se llama norma. Pues cuando la hubimos pasado por su casa tuvimos la oportunidad a charlar con ella por un rato y se puso a llorar por que habia bastante estress ultimo semana. Y cuando la hubimos escuchado lo que pasó nosotros le compartimos una escrituro que se encuentra en Moroni 7:32-33 y literalment nos sentio el espiritu santo y le contestamos sus dudas y todo. Yo testefico que realamente este Iglesia es la verdadero iglesia y que el libro de mormon es en otro testamento de jesu cristo y que pueda ayudarnos en esta vida 

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