Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 45

Well this week has been another great week. A lot of learning experiences. One thing that my Mission President has taught me recently is to be a stripling warrior in the scriptures in the book of Alma 53-56 has taught us, to drop the things that are maybe valuable to us and trust in the lord and fight on his side. The mission has been really changing me to use my faith and my testimony more and more. Most importantly trust in God that everything will work out. I have come a long way trying to convert myself more and more in the gospel. I was just a teenager without a knowledge of faith or knowledge of the scriptures. Thanks to the mission I have really grown and changed my perspectives in life. Though I have challenges and I know we all do, we are not perfect. I learned that if we put Christ in the center of our lives we will achieve more, feel the love and peace that he promised us that we can have. Like in Alma 42:10 wicked never was once happiness. The key word is to act, because we can believe (That's great to believe in God and his Son) But to really find the truth and what he wants for his children is by acting, and praying.

Life is a battle, it will never be easy, we recently had the baptism of Hermano Carlos who definitely did not get it easily. Having a tougher life with his family and work etc. We have been teaching him since the first week of April and it was definitely a roller coaster with him having doubts and realizing what was more important than work, money, etc. Thanks to the example of his sister who was baptized two years ago, he is now baptized and confirmed a member of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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