Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 37

It has been a great week full of many changes and adjusments in my first week with my new companion. One of the things I am greatful for is to serve with my new companion elder Mamani. Elder Mamani suffers from a disability but is still serving the Lord, I am honored to be serving with him. So this week I have been adjusting more on the exercising side of my life haha, I can tell you I am out of shape. Proselyting is a little different sense he has a bike and I walk, or run. But I am definitely enjoying it. I am just a little extra tired but it will all work out. This week we have been focusing on our investigators that are preparing for baptism. It was a huge blessing to have a missionary night with our investigators and members and being able to complete our purpose of having our investigators interact with the members of the ward. 

Otro bendicion que lo pasó este semana era que yo tenia la oportunidad a regresar a mi Barrio anterior Vista Alegre por un bautismo que le enseñe en febrero y marzo y por fin nosotros recibimos la firma de su papá de Julio para tener el permiso a bautizarse. Este experiencia me siento algo muy especial dentro mi corazón. Sé que dios nos da bendiciones y que nosotros podemos ver los bendiciones cada dia. 

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