Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 38

So this past week has been another great week. This week my companion and I were looking for a reference and each day he wasn´t their because he would leave his home. So one day my companion and I had been standing in front of his apartment. We were on the first floor where there is a little  restaurant. My Companion and I saw a man just sitting there at his work, he seemed a little sad so we went over to talk with him.  We talked with him for a good 15 minutes and then after we shared a principal of the church. He was interested and wanted us to comeback and visit him the next day. So the very next day when we went back,  he was there but a little busy with one of his workers. As we were leaving his daughter told us to wait and after five minutes of waiting we had the chance to teach the both of them about our beliefs and what is the difference between our church and the others. They were super happy and they want to hear more! Its a blessing who we find and who we share the gospel with each day. I know that God puts us in these positions specifically for a reason.

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