Tuesday, April 11, 2017

week 36

 Well this week was another quick week, full of many more blessings. This week we had the opportunity to do a quick service with an investigator. He had to move his family to another apartment. A few members, my companion and I had the chance to move boxes and clothes inside their car to take over to their new house. We also had the opportunity to have a bunch of investigators attend sacrament meeting this past Sunday. Even if it’s just for one hour, Sacrament is the most sacred and important part of our reunions. This past Sunday we also had a convert bare her testimony and an Investigator bare her testimony. It was unique to see how much they have grown, how much they love the change and how they have strengthen themselves in the gospel. It’s amazing how much we can see each person grow just by putting Christ in the center of their lives. I can testify that putting Christ in the center of our lives will change our hearts for the better!

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