Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 35

Well this week has been a great and exciting weekend with conference. So much that I learned just in two days. One of my favorite talks was from the Saturday session from Mark A. Bragg. He puts a big emphasis on the word "Light" and its starts with number 1. (The light of the church), "the church is a beacon of light to a darkening world". The church is so strong and we are only growing.  2. The light of the gospel, "The light of the gospel is the path that shinneth more and more until the perfect day and it shines brightest through families and temples". "Our families must be great sources of great light".  "As we establish families of faith, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, and compassion, we will feel a more increase in love towards the savior and towards one another, the family will grow stronger and the light in each of us will grow brighter”. 3. The light of Christ, "You cannot speak of the light in the world without speaking of the light of the world (Jesus Christ). The Light of Christ will always bring us home to our Father in Heaven. I know that if we put him in the center of our lives, we will see more light in our lives, more meaning of our lives, and joy. I love this talk that was given, it really does open up our eyes about the world and helps us focus on each one of God’s children, we are his children and we do have a purpose in this life. His Atonement was for us all.

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