Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 34

Wow what a great and marvelous week! It has been a great week full of many miracles and blessings! This past Thursday we were going to our references and contacted them to set a date to visit them. We felt the need to keep going around to other references. We gave it a shot, tried to set more times and although we didn’t earn anymore dates something special happened. We were walking down the street and we came to a stop waiting for the cars to pass, I turned and contacted a lady that was waiting too. It so happened to be that she was a less active of the church for 10 years, she just moved to our area and the first thing she thought was to find The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Since living here for a few months she never had the chance to find one. She was very happy that we contacted her because her daughter about 10 days before told her mom she wanted to be baptized, she is almost 9 and hasn´t attended church in a long time either. We helped this lady with our directions to the church so that she could take her daughter this past Sunday. On Sunday we saw her at church and after sacrament meeting she told my companion and I thank you for contacting me and helping my daughter and I return to church. The mom then asked us how could she be reactivated and how can her husband and her daughter take the lessons like she once did many years ago? This coming week we have a set time and day to have a lesson with her, her husband and her daughter to hear our message. It’s a miracle how Heavenly Father continues to put us in areas at the right place and time. We just have to trust in him, be prepared, open our mouths and share our testimony.

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