Friday, August 26, 2016

Week 3 August 25, 2016

Buenos Tardes todos las Personas!

 So this week was sweet. I had my first TRC. which is teaching an actual member outside the MTC. Pretty nervous speaking to a native before going to teach. But the coolest experience happened, before my companion and I went in we prayed for comfort and the language to be there. During the lesson I felt like I wasn´t teaching, We were talking about the importance of prayer and how God will answer our prayers. For example before we taught he helped us with the language and the comfort. sharing my testimony with him was the greatest experience, I am pretty sure I cried. besides the point I had no clue that I knew that much Spanish to share my testimony to him. I am so grateful for prayer, I wouldn't know where I would be today without communicating with our Heavenly Father.

Another experience i had this week was when we had Book of Mormon Study with my district. We were in Moroni 7: 44-48 and that whole time I can testify that i felt the spirit. One it confirmed to me that I know the Book of Mormon is true. second I know how much our savior loves us. In verses 44-47 it talks about the importance of charity and how we need to seek that more then anything, and strive to be like Christ, Then in verse 48 its the blessings that god pours on us. he makes a promise to us that if we grow our charity and pray unto the Father that we may be purified even as HE is pure. I know  that Our savior loves us more then we can ever imagine. I know its hard to seek the charity but if we try and pray to our father that he will help us and I know this to be true.

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