Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 19

This week was pretty new and challenging experience for me. New area, new people, a different feel to everything. It’s like I am back in the states where everything is all modernized. I am really surprised in how much growth I have in my Spanish now just in so little time. I had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting and honestly I just went up there with one quote and one scripture and started to talk about missionary work, in alma 29:9 it talks about how this is his work and his glory and how we should focus on his work to share his message and serve all.  This week was a new week and a quite one as well. Not familiar with the area or the people, but this week my companion and I had the opportunity to teach Sister Diana and is well prepared for baptism. She has been attending church for a few months with her daughter. Her father was a member but she had never been baptized into the church. We had the opportunity to stop by and teach and invite her to baptism, she immediately said yes! So now it’s time to prepare her. One of the best parts of this journey to go through in the mission is to teach and baptize. Another experience this past week was actually this past Sunday, a taxi driver parked on the side of the road needed help switching out his tires. Right after we helped we invited him to church and left him a Christmas card and a card of Jesus Christ. I think the little small acts always bring joy in this work. He was a really nice guy and has strong faith I am so glad we were able to plant a seed in his heart. 

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