Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 6 September 12, 2016

Buenos Tardes,

Well today is my last day at the MTC, I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow just in these past 6 weeks. I have so much more to go and learn. The language is coming along but nowhere near being fluent. This past week we got to teach more members from Mexico City, and it was a huge blessing. They have so much love for us and I just don´t know why. They are so humble and just want what’s best for us. I am so grateful that I go teach each day to practice, I can see how the Holy Ghost works through me and it’s an amazing comforting feeling. God knows us and will guide us to tell us what to do and I know that to be true.

We heard a talk by Elder Ballard this past weekend and there are two things that really hit me in the heart and that was " Let your soul Be still and commit yourself, Heart, Might, Mind, and strength." another was " Nothing will stop us from serving the lord", I love this gospel so much and I know if we come unto Christ and be converted that we will see the blessing that God gives us, it starts with the act of faith.

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