Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 43

Time is definitely flying by this transfer with such little time my companion and I have received more blessings this past week. Its definitely a challenge when my companion has a bike and I don´t.(jaja)  Although I might be more exhausted, I know that I have learned a lot with my companion and his situation with his leg and how we can work together. This week we kept looking for more people to teach and to do the little acts of service. We have been blessed just like how heavenly father has promised us. This past weekend we past by an investigators house and we had the opportunity to talk with the family. We were teaching the importance of having a Prophet and how we have a Prophet here today with the correct priesthood power so that he could lead Christ´s church through revelation. Juana was there thinking and felt that she needed to do more in this life. She came out saying that she wants to build her faith and find what is the right path to take to build her life with her family. We invited her to church and the rest of the family if they were interested. The Next day Juana and her sister came to church.  During the second hour The Gospel Principles class, the teacher had prepared a lesson about The Life of Jesus Christ. Juana and her sister were there really engaged and we could definitely feel the spirit so powerful testifying that this is the true church and it amazed us how much they really enjoyed the class.

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